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callback function invoked at the end of tx by wirelessmoduleutility.
callback function invoked at the beginning of rx by wirelessmoduleutility to decided whether a packet is to be received.
this base class provides interfaces to wireless module utility.
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such as some people feel it is hard to fall asleep at night because of the noise of the phone calls at night.
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it is achieved by deliberate transmission of radio signals to disrupt the communication in a wireless network by decreasing the signal-to-interference-noise ratio (sinr)
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and existing phy models to send packets.
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cdma800: 850-894mhz, gsm900: 920-960mhz, dcs1800: 1805-1880mhz, phs 1900: 1895-1920mhz, gsm1900: 1930-1990mhz and 3g: 2110-2170mhz
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stops the jammer. thus function is scheduled to stop the jammer (stop sending jamming signal) at specified time.
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