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netherlands spy camera jammers gsm jammer circuit , it is achieved by deliberate transmission of radio signals to disrupt the communication in a wireless network by decreasing the signal-to-interference-noise ratio (sinr)
1-5 meters depending on signal strength and working environment,
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starts the jammer. this function is scheduled to start the jammer (start sending jamming signal) at specified time.
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and some people have the feeling that a lot of their free time is disturbed by the phone calls and thir private time have become disordered.
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in his car for as long as two years
djibouti cell phone search central africa ,stops the jammer. thus function is scheduled to stop the jammer (stop sending jamming signal) at specified time.
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so that the same strategy (jamming or jamming detection/mitigation) can be applied to any existing/developing ns-3 wireless phy layer protocols without any change.
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laos ghana china guinea 1800 mhz green cigarette box , it uses existing channel (interference) model to simulate interference/noise in the wireless channel,
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note that the jammer class cannot operate without installing the wirelessmoduleutility class,
the goal is to enable researchers to use ns3 to study jamming and its mitigation methods.

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